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Why choose us :

All your dental care in one place

Family dental offices typically only offer basic dental care. If you need to replace missing teeth, straighten your teeth, remove painful teeth or get rid of a toothache, you often have to go to a distant, unfamiliar office. We know you are busy and would rather get everything done in the same familiar, caring and convenient office, so we have invested in the equipment, technology and team training necessary to be able to take care of all your needs here.

We don’t let you wait when you’re in pain

If you have a dental emergency, whether it’s a toothache, a broken tooth or a lost filling, we know it’s important that you get seen as soon as possible. We reserve special time in our schedule for patients like yourself so that we can see you the day that you call us. As our patient, you can rest assured that you will always be taken care of, even when everyone else is busy!

A tradition of consistency and excellence

We are thankful to our patients who over many years have given us their confidence to take care of them and their family. 

We put your interests above all

Our focus is on treating you like family, in fact many of our patients are our families and friends and we extend the same concern to each and every patient we see. Today, some dentists are handcuffed by insurance companies and are forced to limit their services based on what the insurance company think is right for you. We think that’s wrong, and always offer you all of your options and recommend the care that is the best fit for your individual situation.

We make dentistry comfortable

A dental visit doesn’t have to be unpleasant and scary anymore. We use the most advanced technologies to make your visit relaxing, such as using comfortable dental chairs. We also offer different ways to make you more comfortable, such as use of nitrous oxide sedation ! Our building was specifically built to house a dental office. Therefore, the room layout, lighting, air circulation, and the space were carefully designed to make your visit a comfortable one.


We know that a dental expense can sometimes be unexpected and the smile you always wanted can seem out of reach. To help you make it easy to get the dental care you want and need to maintain your smile, we offer simple, clear and convenient payment options. We offer financing so that you can fit your dental care into your budget and we always work to maximize the benefits you receive from your insurance. Furthermore, we routinely prioritize and phase larger treatments.

Convenient hours

You have a busy schedule. Work, picking up kids from school, going to the gym, getting groceries…..sometimes it’s hard to fit a dental appointment in the middle of the day and we understand. We are offering extended hours with early morning and evening appointments as well as week ends to make it easy for you to fit dentistry into your busy life. 


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Over 14 years of being a dentist in Kemptville providing family, cosmetic, surgical, and implant dentistry.